Donate in celebration

Commemorate a special occasion in your life by asking guests to make a donation to the Perron Institute in lieu of giving gifts.  This is the perfect way to celebrate your wedding, anniversary, christening, birthday or other meaningful event.

Not only do you get to support world-leading neurological research, but you may reduce the instance of unwanted items being sent to landfill.

How to create a digital fundraiser for your special event

Our preferred donation platform is GiveNow. Click here to create a personalised CrowdRaiser giving platform which you can share with family and friends to collect donations for your special event.

Give a digital donation gift card – think birthdays, weddings and religious events!

Make a donation and request a celebration card to be sent to your preferred recipient for their birthday, religious event or to signify something important to you. Choose from the images available or use a meaningful photo of your own!