Student Projects & Scholarships

The Perron Institute offers three types of PhD scholarships for domestic and international students under the supervision of Perron Institute researchers. The scholarships include;

  • Kakulas Prestige Scholarships – scholarships for outstanding students who already hold a full scholarship or will hold a scholarship by the time they commence their PhD.    This scholarship will provide a top-up of $10,000 per annum for up to 3.5 years, plus $5,000 towards research-related travel expenses over the course of the student’s PhD
  • Partial scholarships – provide $15,000 per annum for 3.5 years but require the supervisor(s) to co-fund the scholarship by also contributing $15,000 per annum
  • Full scholarships – provide a full stipend of $30,000 per annum for 3.5 years.

The Kakulas Prestige Scholarships are intended to acknowledge excellence, whereas the partial and full scholarships are designed to help support high quality students who have difficulty accessing conventional scholarship support through universities, in particular students with First-Class Honours, or an equivalent degree, or who have appropriate work experience. While multiple scholarships may be awarded each year, applicants should be aware that the scholarships are awarded competitively, only for Perron Institute affiliated students, and only to those students with an outstanding academic record and/or equivalent work experience. Applications are open once a year and close prior to the November Australian RTP scholarship deadline.

To inquire about PhD supervision at Perron Institute, in order to be eligible for these scholarships, please visit our Research Groups page and contact our Research Group Heads directly. For general inquiries please contact Taya Hamilton.