What is the appointment process?

The Perron Institute Clinics are a bulk billing service. This means you are required to have a current GP or specialist in order to attend the clinic. We do not accept indefinite/ongoing referrals and we ask you to provide a new referral every 12 months from your GP or after 3 months if the initial referral was from a specialist.
A referral can be forwarded to the Central Referral service by your GP (they are aware of this process) where it will be triaged to the Perron Clinics if appropriate.
Referrals can also be faxed to the clinic 6457 0281 or emailed to clinic@perron.uwa.edu.au

On receipt your referral will be reviewed and triaged for suitability and acceptance. Your GP will be notified if the referral is not suitable for the sub-specialty clinics. You will also be notified of the outcome of the triage process. This process can take up to 10 working days depending on the urgency of the referral.
Once accepted, an appointment will be posted to you. You cannot make a new patient appointment over the phone.

What is the waitlist time?

This will vary depending on urgency and the clinic type. For instance, neuromuscular conditions may have up to 16 weeks wait for a new patient appointment whereas newly diagnosed MS or MND may only be 4-6 weeks.

What is the cost?

The Perron Institute Clinics are a bulk billing service and a current referral is required.

Where can I park?

Parking is provided by the QEII Medical Trust and areas can be found on the site map. Please be aware that ALL parking including ACROD parking requires payment. The bays close to the Perron Institute do get used frequently and often it is difficult to get parking close to the Institute on busy clinic days and times. Please give yourself extra time to park in order to get to your appointment on time.

The Perron Clinic staff cannot help with parking inquiries or solve any problems that may occur.