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Professor Samar Aoun, Head of Palliative Care Research, Drew and Maureen in the Clinic
Professor Samar Aoun, Head of Palliative Care Research and Perron Institute Research Chair at UWA with Drew and Maureen in the Clinic

Major milestones

Research Chair in Palliative Care

In January 2022, Professor Samar Aoun was announced the Perron Institute Research Chair in Palliative Care at the University of Western Australia.
As Chair, Professor Aoun will focus on developing models of integrated care which mobilise community assets, improve primary care engagement and enhance partnerships between specialist and generalist services.

Other areas target improved models of care for non-cancer conditions such as motor neurone disease (MND) and other neurodegenerative conditions.  The core aspects of this program include increasing support for family carers, grief and bereavement support and improving grief and death literacy around end-of-life and palliative care.

Chair in Stroke Research

Another partnership between the University of Western Australia and the Perron Institute is paving the way for the future of medicine.
In mid-2022, internationally renowned Winthrop Professor Graeme Hankey became the Chair in Stroke Research.  Recognised for decades as a global leader in stroke research and one of Australia’s leading clinician-scientists, he will lead the development of a Stroke Centre for Excellence.

This new chair position will enable dedicated researchers to develop a leading international site for stroke research, education, care and advocacy.  It will enable Professor Hankey to build on the excellent stroke research being undertaken at the Perron Institute and to collaborate with several existing outstanding clinical and research stroke groups.

Professor Hankey will spearhead the formation of new lines of research and attract leading colleagues from interstate and overseas to join forces here and provide ongoing momentum for further advances.

Help Us Make an Impact

With your support, we plan to expand our research in the following areas:


There is an opportunity to expand the Neurotrauma Research group led by Professor Lindy Fitzgerald (Curtin University and Perron Institute).  This group is seeking an appointment for an epidemiologist to gather cohesive and meaningful data in areas such as concussion.

Aboriginal and Rural Health

The Perron Institute aims to expand its reach into regional and rural Western Australia.  Professor Samar Aoun (Perron Institute and La Trobe University), who heads Palliative Care Research, is seeking a senior lecturer level appointment to drive her team’s community-focused research forward in the aboriginal community.

Genomic Medicine

The Genetic Epidemiology Research group led by Professor Sulev Kõks (Perron Institute and Murdoch University) is looking to expand its research by studying the structure of the genome to stratify treatment to achieve improved targeting for community benefit.

There are other ways to help us make a positive impact in community.

With your help, we can find answers for people with neurological disorders and give them hope.

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