Public lectures included in neurosciences symposium program

Progress over the past 25 years in Alzheimer’s disease research was the subject of a free public lecture included in the program for the Symposium of Western Australian Neuroscience (SWAN) 2018, held at the Perkins Institute 29-30 November 2018.

The community lecture, sponsored by the Perron Institute, was delivered by Dr Dan Burns, a senior executive at Zinfandel Pharmaceuticals in the United States as the closing lecture on Friday 30 November.

Prior to the talk and also open to the public was a lively Three-Minute Thesis competition where Honours and early PhD students had the opportunity to summarise their work. Winners included Honours student Ana Gorecki in the Parkinson’s Disease Research group, Honours student Julia Pytte (pictured left) of the Motor Neurone Disease Research group and PhD student Li Shan Chiu of the Stroke Research group presenting on her traumatic brain injury project, all based at the Perron Institute.

Another opportunity for the general public to share in the symposium program was another public lecture led by influential Australian health and nutrition expert Professor Manny Noakes on the topic “Mind and Diet Connections – Food for Thought”, sponsored by Curtin University. This was held on Thursday 29 November and was also preceded by a Three-Minute Thesis competition.

SWAN 2018 features an impressive line-up of international, national and local speakers. The topics covered are wide-ranging, including dementia, neurotrauma, demyelinating disorders, sensory neuroscience, neuroscience of addiction, neuromuscular conditions, stroke and movement.

Pictured: SWAN 2018awards  Julia-Pytte and Li-Shan