Professor Melinda (Lindy) Fitzgerald holds a joint appointment of Professor of Neurotrauma at the Perron Institute and Curtin University. At Curtin, she is Dean of Research of the Faculty of Health Sciences. She is Chair of the Expert Working Group of the Mission for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and inaugural CEO of Connectivity, a health promotion charity that is building on the work of the Mission for TBI.
Prof Fitzgerald leads a team of 14 researchers and post-graduate students in research focused around understanding and preventing the loss of function that occurs following neurotrauma. Prof Fitzgerald uses a range of innovative approaches to understand what happens in the brain following injury and designs and tests treatment strategies to limit the damage. She conducts collaborative clinical trials designed to predict and improve outcomes following mild traumatic brain injury and is leading a national consortium aiming to design the informatics approach for predicting outcome following moderate to severe traumatic brain injury.