Ruby the quokka

The Quokka Story…A World-Shattering Discovery!

Perron Institute owes its origins to the humble Rottnest Island quokka and Emeritus Professor Byron Kakulas’ discovery he could regenerate their muscle.
His research on the quokka in the 1960s reversed prevailing dogma about muscle regeneration and muscle diseases.

Buy Ruby the Quokka to support neurological research

Named for the Perron Institute’s 40th year, you can buy Ruby to help raise awareness of and fund research into neurological conditions like MND, Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Myositis and Epilepsy.

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Who is Ruby the Quokka?

Brains have been her business for 40 years!

Ruby  is a 16 cm plush quokka made from 100%  recycled PET Fill, with 100% Recycled PET Sew in Label, FSC Certified Hang Tags printed with Soy Ink and attached with Cotton Stitch. Quality and Safety Tested.  For Ages 3 and up.

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