Being able to help people with multiple sclerosis (MS) and hopefully improve their day is something that inspires Perron Institute MS Specialist Research Nurse Petrina Keating. 

“I completed my Nursing Degree in Ireland over 20 years ago and began working in Neurosurgery in both Ireland and then Australia,” Petrina said.  

“After many years, I decided that shift work was not for me and started looking for something different.  

“After working in Aged Care for seven years, I returned to Neurology as a MS Nurse with MSWA in 2016. In that role, I started working in the Perron Institute MS clinics in 2019, and joined the Institute as a MS Nurse Specialist a couple of years ago. 

“I love the support our clinic provides. Working closely with the neurologists is amazing and I learn so much from them. 

“Being part of the clinic team is rewarding. I would like to acknowledge Clinic Manager Sue Walters for her constant support of all staff. 

“Being a mother of two, I appreciate that my current role enables me to have a good work-life balance.” 

“I am grateful for the opportunities I’ve received at the Perron Institute so far, including attending conferences and coordinating trials.” 

Petrina is the Trial Coordinator for Taurus 2, a Phase 2 trial measuring the effects of low-intensity magnetic brain stimulation on MS symptoms. 

She is currently the MS Delegate for MS Nurses Australasia in WA, and an Implementation Fellow of JBI (formerly the Joanna Briggs Institute) which promotes evidence-based nursing and clinical leadership. 

“I would also like to acknowledge Judy Davis, my mentor while working in aged care. I can never thank her enough for her support and knowledge. I will always remember her, and she taught me many career and life lessons. 

“My advice for young clinicians and students is to enjoy your job, and if you don’t, look for something you enjoy. 

“In my free time, I love reading thriller and suspense books. I also enjoy an early morning walk and baking with my kids.”