Elspeth Stewart, who joined the Perron Institute in June 2022 as a Clinical Trial Assistant has had a diverse career, garnering experience in a variety of roles.  

Elspeth started her working life in IT, working in the areas of finance, education and also at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Geneva, Switzerland.  

Following a health diagnosis and surgery in her mid-twenties, she experienced significant improvements after making dietary changes and made the decision to change career from IT to nutrition, completing a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Nutritional Therapy at Middlesex University in the UK in 2008. 

“My last clinical/nutrition role was with a chronic fatigue specialist clinic in the UK. This gave me an understanding of what it means to live with chronic illness and also how emotional wellbeing, stress or trauma can shape someone’s physical health and their recovery. 

“Working closely with patients to help them get back on their feet after being housebound or significantly limited in their lives was very rewarding.   

Over the years, I became increasingly interested in the brain and this led me to starting a Masters in Neuroscience part time at UWA in 2022.  

“I have a particular interest in the role that nutrition, sleep, exercise and metabolic health can have on cognitive decline. 

“My new role with the Perron Institute clinical team has given me the opportunity to work within the field of neurological research while completing my Masters.   

“It has been great to learn about new concepts at uni and then come into work and see directly how those ideas are being translated into clinical care.   

“All of the Perron Institute clinical team have been very welcoming and supportive. I take this opportunity to thank Tanya Smith, IBM Trial Coordinator, and our nurse specialists Dee Menzies and Alexa Jefferson for helping me to learn the role.  

“Thank you, also, to our Clinical Services Manager, Sue Walters, for her calm and supportive approach to the various challenges which inevitably come up through the day.” 

When not at work or studying, Elspeth enjoys cooking. Also, getting out in nature, camping and exploring new places.  

“This summer I have taken up kayaking with my dog, Truffle, which has been a great incentive for early morning exercise,” Elspeth said.