Professor Allan Kermode has worked in the Oxford University Department of Neurology and the Institute of Molecular Medicine Oxford, The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Queen Square, London UK, the Heidelberg Kopfklinic in Germany, and in the National Institutes of Health, USA. He has received numerous postgraduate awards and was a National Health and Medical Research Council CJ Martin Scholar. Professor Kermode has served on numerous national and international advisory boards for academia, government, and private industry. He is the former Head of Neurology at SCGH QEIIMC, and currently is Director of the Demyelinating Diseases Centre at the Perron Institute, Professor of Neurology at the University of Western Australia, Adjunct Professor of Neuroimmunology at Murdoch University, and Visiting Professor at Sun Yat-sen University, leading both clinical and fundamental research into the pathogenesis of multiple sclerosis. Professor Kermode is a member of the international disease consortia ANZGene, IMSGC, MSBase and the Progressive MS Alliance.

Professor Kermode’s scientific contributions remain the foundation for use of MRI in MS research and MS treatment trials, as well as non-invasive tissue barrier measurement in both CT and MRI, used for example in tumour treatment and gadolinium enhancement of MRI. His research has explored risk factors associated with MS, and Professor Kermode believes there are important links within this field to the long-term management of people with MS. Some of this work included large and wide-reaching collaborations with national and international experts and this important work was supported by the Wellcome Trust. Professor Kermode continues to study management strategies among the MS community, with a focus on pharmacological therapies. He has recently contributed to an expert discussion of pharmacological guideline production for MS pharmacological treatment.

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