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Precision Nucleic Acid Therapeutics

Our Precision Nucleic Acid Therapeutics (PNAT) research is focused on developing novel nucleic acids therapeutic and diagnostic ​technologies.  These technologies are designed for the treatment of various inherited/genetic and acquired diseases with the hope of helping communities improve their quality of life and provide enhanced knowledge and innovation in the scientific industry.

Research Focus

The PNAT laboratory is led by Associate Professor Rakesh Veedu.

Our research in this area is categorised into three main thematic areas:

  1. Nucleic acid drug synthesis chemistries
  2. Therapeutic and diagnostic development
  3. Drug delivery

Over the last five years, the Precision Nucleic Acid Therapeutics Research Group has developed and identified potential gene-targeting synthetic drug candidates towards the treatment of diabetic retinopathy & macular degeneration, Type-2 diabetes, Psoriasis, and solid cancers including liver cancer. The group are developing novel oligonucleotide drug chemistry, design and unique delivery cargos towards targeted therapy of the above conditions.

Our future focus is towards obtaining translational milestones including preclinical evaluations and commencing clinical trials.


  • Veedu (CI). Dr George Bautovich for "Development of AccuBlood technology" (2020-2021)
  • Veedu (CI). Dr George Bautovich for "Development of nucleic acid aptamers against a protein target" (2020-2021)
  • Veedu (CI). WA Department of Health - Research Translation Projects Grant Program for "A precision molecular paper strip test for neurodegenerative conditions: A robust point-of-care diagnostic platform for early clinical intervention" (2021)
  • Veedu (CI). Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment, New Zealand for "Building new capacities in functional nucleic acids to fight disease" (2020-2022)
  • Veedu (CI). Forest Research Foundation Scholarship for "Precision nucleic acid therapeutics molecules: Towards tackling neurological disorders and solid cancers" (2019-2022)
  • Veedu (CI). Caruthers Family Foundation, USA for "Evaluation of thio-morpholinos" (2019-2021)

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