Recruiting for CREST concussion study

The Neurotrauma research team at Curtin University and the Perron Institute, led by Professor Lindy Fitzgerald, is recruiting participants for an exciting new study on concussion – the CREST Concussion REcovery STudy.

This study is the largest of its kind in Western Australia and involves a range of techniques that are at the forefront of concussion research.

Although most people recover from concussion injuries within a few weeks, approximately 10-20% experience delayed recovery extending for months, or even years. There is currently no way of knowing which individuals will go on to develop these persistent post-concussion symptoms.

The aim of this study is to identify factors which may predict individuals at increased risk of delayed recovery following concussion. This increased understanding would be helpful for better management of treatment to improve recovery.

We are seeking participants between the ages of 18-65 years who have sustained a concussion injury from any cause (e.g. falls, transport accidents, sport-related concussions, assault) and have been diagnosed by a medical doctor. Participants must be recruited within 7 days of their concussion injury.

The study involves two phases including short phone interviews and follow-up calls at several intervals following their injury. For an eligible subset-the study would also involve a one-off series of tests approximately 2-3 hours in duration.

If you are interested in being involved, or would like further information about the study please contact the research team by email or phone 0466 526 849.