Professor Merrilee Needham, (MBBS, PhD, FRACP)

Consultant Neurologist, Neuromuscular Clinic

Professor Merrilee Needham conducts a Neuromuscular Clinic at the Perron Institute.

Professor Needham commenced neuromuscular and myositis clinics at the Perron Institute in 2013.

Professor Needham is currently head of Neurology at Fiona Stanley Hospital.

In 2006 Professor Needham began her PhD studies in Perth under the supervision of Professor Frank Mastaglia, investigating the clinical, epidemiological and genetic aspects of Inclusion Body Myositis (IBM). Professor Needham completed her PhD studies in September 2009, and began work as a consultant neurologist at RNSH in Sydney in December. During this period, Professor Needham established many collaborators throughout Australia. Her interest in IBM continued in Sydney, managing a large cohort of patients, and established international collaborations to continue research into IBM. This resulted in her joining international expert opinion groups on IBM, and attracting clinical trials in IBM to Australia.

Professor Needham returned to Perth in January 2013 to continue the neuromuscular and myositis clinics at the Perron Institute. In December of that year Professor Needham obtained the position of the head of department at the new Fiona Stanley Hospital, (FSH) and planned and commissioned the neurology and neurophysiology departments throughout 2014 and early 2015.
In 2015 Professor Needham was awarded the Leonard Cox award by the Australian and New Zealand association of Neurologists (ANZAN) in recognition of her contribution to neurosciences, and continues in her role as the Head of Neurology at FSH.