Perron Institute’s Hole in One benefits child health research

A hole in one has been described as the holy grail for golfers but you don’t have to be a top player or golfing pro to achieve one.

A cash prize of $200,000 is on offer in the Perron Institute’s Golden Ball Hole in One competition coming up soon at the Wembley Golf Course in partnership with Telethon 7 and the Town of Cambridge. Members of the public of all ages are invited to try their luck.

Each day until 9 October, ‘golden balls’ are randomly inserted into the range hopper at the Wembley Golf Course driving range, giving players the chance to win a place in the shoot out for a hole in one.

The event takes place on 10 October, and if more than one entrant manages to ace their ball from the tee into the hole in one shot, the prize will be shared.

Associated Kid’s Mini Golf events will be held at the Wembley Golf Course on 30 September and 5 October, featuring Fat Cat and the Little Telethon Stars, and a putting competition.

All proceeds from the exciting Hole in One event will go to Telethon 7 for medical research into children’s health at the Perron Institute.

The Perron Institute’s Golden Ball Hole in One competition is supported by Telethon 7, the Town of Cambridge and the Wembley Golf Course.

Perron Institute Hole in One 2021