Perron Institute Public Lecture

The 2021 Perron Institute Public Lecture will feature Prof Merrilee Needham on the topic “Changing the world one patient at a time”

In this free Public Lecture Professor Merrilee Needham will explore the concept of translational research in the context of a rare disease, the impact of research for patients and the journey together to find effective treatments and improve quality of life.

Despite significant advances across all fields of research, many rare diseases remain without treatments or cure, impacting millions of patients worldwide. Myositis, a neuromuscular condition that causes muscle weakness and disability, is one such group of rare diseases where we are using a patient-centred, translational research approach to embed research into our clinics and to partner with patients to drive new information and treatment trials.

Merrilee Needham is the Head of Myositis Research Group at the Perron Institute, Consultant Neurologist, Fiona Stanley Hospital, Director of Research, South Metropolitan Health Service and Foundation Professor of Neurology at Fiona Stanley Hospital, Murdoch University and Notre Dame University.

Thursday 27 May
The University Club of WA
Hackett Drive, Crawley