Clinical trial

A new Phase 3 clinical trial for Parkinson’s is about to commence in the Perron Institute clinic.

The institute’s clinic is pleased to become one of 65 international sites in a Phase 3 open label study for a new formula of a proven medication. This study will investigate the tolerability and efficacy of administering Levodopa by a subcutaneous infusion.

Levodopa was introduced in the 60s in the form of various oral tablets. In recent years, it has been delivered by a pump in the form of a gel directly into the small intestine (duodenum) and called Duodopa. This method requires a permanent tube being placed directly into the lower abdomen. Levodopa is still considered the gold standard treatment and addresses motor symptoms well. If taken orally, it has to be at frequent intervals.

The current trial is looking at how well Levodopa will be tolerated if given by a continuous infusion via a small needle inserted under the skin.

Participants will be carefully selected according to the study criteria. This includes being over 30 years of age with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s, proven responsive to Levodopa and having symptoms which are inadequately controlled. The study is being conducted for 52 weeks and there are several assessments required throughout.

Many Perron Institute members are involved, including consultant neurologist Associate Professor Rick Stell as Principal Investigator, Manager Clinical Services, Sue Walters as study manager, Alexa Jefferson as research nurse, Jo Borrelli as study coordinator and neurologists Dr Rajini Rajanayagam and Professor Soumya Ghosh.

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