New building move scheduled for Autumn

The Perron Institute are delighted to be moving into a brand new building at QEII Medical Centre. The opening and move are scheduled for Autumn 2017.

The expansion of the Perron Institute in recent times provides much excitement and hope for the future. Our move into the new Ralph and Patricia Sarich Neuroscience Research Institute building will introduce new opportunities for collaboration with other institutes and universities with a neurological focus such as the Australian Alzheimer’s Research Foundation, Ear Science Institute Australia, Edith Cowan University, Curtin University and The University of Western Australia.

This heralds an exciting era in world-class neuroscience research in Western Australia. The emerging grouping of research organisations at the QEII Medical Centre is poised to create the largest congregation of medical research ever seen in this state, rivalling similar centres in other Australian cities. This combined with our hospitals and health services at the QEII Medical Centre, collectively strengthens the ability to deliver improved health outcomes for all.