Lewis Singleton accepted to study medicine

Working with patients and at the Perron Institute inspired early career researcher Lewis Singleton to study medicine. She will begin her studies at the University of Notre Dame in the New Year.

Lewis is a Research Coordinator in the Genetic Epidemiology Research group at Perron Institute and Centre for Molecular Medicine and Innovative Therapeutics (CMMIT), Murdoch University. She completed a Bachelor of Science at Melbourne University and then her Master’s degree at The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, focusing on the gastrointestinal and environmental factors in a genetic study of Parkinson’s disease.

A significant part of her current role is working on the TONiC studies for motor neurone disease and Parkinson’s, for both studies managing over 70 participants and a control group of partners. TONiC stands for Trajectories of Outcome in Neurological Conditions.

Lewis enjoys working with Professor Sulev Koks, head of Genetic Epidemiology Research at Perron Institute and CMMIT.

“Sulev is a great supervisor, as he trusts people to develop and work independently, but his support is there when required. I’m also really grateful for the support and professional and personal development opportunities at Perron Institute, “she said.

“Being surrounded by successful translational researchers, for example the antisense oligonucleotide research leaders at CMMIT, has been really beneficial,” she said.

“Working at Perron Institute and having a research background helped prepare me for the curriculum at Notre Dame.

“Professor Merrilee Needham (consultant neurologist and head of Myositis Research at Perron Institute and CMMIT) is inspirational as she is both a clinician and a researcher. Many of the researchers and clinicians at Perron Institute have influenced my future career aspirations.”

Last year, Lewis completed the Perth Biodesign course which uses the Stanford University (California) biodesign methodology, combining innovation, biomedical research and translation.

She will continue working on TONiC part-time while studying for her medical degree.

Congratulations, Lewis!

The team are looking for a part-time Clinical Research Assistant for the TONiC study. For more information, visit https://www.seek.com.au/job/55289089.