King’s MND Care and Research Centre proudly hosted a distinguished delegation from the Perron Institute and the Western Australian Government on 13 June in London. The esteemed guests included John Langoulant AO, Agent General for Western Australia.

This visit marked a significant milestone in the ongoing collaboration between King’s College London, King’s College Hospital, and the Perron Institute. The delegation from King’s MND Care and Research Centre comprised Professor Ammar Al Chalabi, Dr Ahmad Al Khleifat, and Dr Alfredo Iacoangeli. They were joined by representatives from the Perron Institute: Steve Arnott, CEO of Perron Institute, Julian Arbuckle, and Dr Frances (Frankie) Theunissen, and the Australian Government: John Langoulant and Tom Lamond.

The primary focus of the meeting was to highlight and strengthen the existing collaboration between King’s College London and the Perron Institute. The partnership currently has a joint studentship in Motor Neurone Disease. Discussions centred on current activities and future plans for the student exchange program, aiming to further educational and research opportunities. 

A notable aspect of the visit was the emphasis on the strategic partnership between King’s College London and the Perron Institute. The presence of John Langoulant, whose office plays a crucial role in fostering relationships between organisations in the UK and Western Australia, underscored the importance of this collaboration. With his support, the partnership aspires to expedite the translation of their drug development efforts into clinical applications, benefiting patients globally.  

“This visit exemplifies the shared commitment of KCL and the Perron Institute to advancing research and education in the field of Motor Neurone Disease. The ongoing partnership continues to pave the way for innovative approaches and solutions, ultimately contributing to the betterment of global health.”  

Ammar Al-Chalabi, Professor of Neurology and Complex Disease Genetics, co-Director of the UK MND Research Institute.

Dr Alfredo Iacoangeli, Reader in Bioinformatics at King’s commented, The partnership with the Perron Institute allows us to leverage big data and bioinformatics to uncover new insights into MND, driving forward our research with unprecedented precision and scale.”

Dr Ahmad Al Khleifat, Senior Research Fellow at King’s added, “Our collaboration with the Perron Institute is crucial in leveraging genomics and biomarkers to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical trials. This partnership has the potential to accelerate the discovery of new treatments for MND.” 

“The strong mutual respect and close working partnership between Kings College London and the Perron Institute which I observed on this visit was a pleasure to witness. The KCL team is truly world leading in its research on treatments for Motor Neurone Disease. The Perron Institute’s participation in this research underlines the strength of Western Australia’s medical research capability.” 

John Langoulant AO, Agent General, Government of Western Australia European Office.

“Our collaboration with the KCL will inevitably help improve the understanding and advance the field of MND research through the combined strength of both of our research teams. We look forward to working closely with our colleagues at KCL in this important partnership.” 

Steve Arnott, CEO, Perron Institute for Neurological and Translational Science

King's MND centre visit June 2024 group photo

Article source and photo credit: King’s College London.

Top photo caption (L-R): Professor Al-Chalabi, Dr Theunissen, Mr Langoulant and Mr Arnott.