Perron Institute first recruiting site for global myositis drug study

The first participant worldwide for a potential new treatment for inclusion body myositis (IBM) has been enrolled at the Perron Institute. The Phase 1 open-label study will enrol up to 27 participants across several Australian sites.

The Perron Institute study site is led by Professor Merrilee Needham, who is recognised as a world leader in the myositis field and heads the Institute’s Myositis Research Group.

“We are hopeful this drug could be effective in slowing or stopping progression of IBM and provide a new treatment option for this rare debilitating disease,” Professor Needham said.

“It is designed to reduce the number of harmful immune cells attacking muscle in IBM sufferers.”

The WA-led start to global recruitment is an important milestone for the study sponsor, biotech company Abcuro Pty Ltd, which has been developing the drug with Professor Steven Greenberg (Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, USA).

IBM is a progressive muscle disorder characterised by muscle wasting, inflammation and weakness. Currently, there is no effective treatment for this rare but debilitating adult disease which causes progressive weakness of the legs, arms, fingers, and wrists. Symptoms vary and some people also have weakness of the facial muscles and difficulty swallowing.

The study is being funded in Australia by Abcuro and conducted by Novotech.

More information on the study here.