Associate Professor Rakesh Veedu PhD

Perron Institute McCusker Fellow, based at Murdoch University

Associate Professor Rakesh Naduvile Veedu is a Perron Institute McCusker fellow and the head of Nucleic Acid Therapeutics Research based at the Centre for Molecular Medicine and Innovative Therapeutics at Murdoch University.

Associate Professor Veedu is an emerging expert, nationally and internationally, in the field of molecular medicine. He is using nucleic acid-based biotechnologies as potential drug therapies for a range of neurological diseases, genetic disorders and cancers.

Following Associate Professor Veedu’s PhD in synthetic organic chemistry at the University of Queensland in 2006, he secured a post-doctoral fellowship in Denmark, working with Professor Jesper Wengel at the University of Southern Denmark for five years. Professor Wengel is an international pioneer in the field of nucleic acid chemical biology.

Associate Professor Veedu then returned to the University of Queensland through an independent research grant where he researched nucleic acid therapeutic development against breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease between 2010 and 2013. He then returned to Denmark for further research on his lead breast cancer therapeutic candidate with the University of Southern Denmark before returning to Australia.

In January 2015 Associate Professor Veedu began his five year McCusker Research Fellowship with the Perron Institute (then the WA Neuroscience Research Institute), based at Murdoch University. In this role, Associate Professor Veedu works closely with internationally-acclaimed molecular genetics researchers, Professors Steve Wilton and Sue Fletcher, and their team.

Associate Professor Veedu’s fellowship is focused on contributing new treatments for Alzheimer’s and other neuromuscular diseases by establishing a ‘smart oligonucleotides synthesis facility’ – the first of its kind in Australia.

Recently, Associate Professor Veedu received an honorary appointment at The University of Southern Denmark. Until 2022, Rakesh Veedu is Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy in the Faculty of Science.