Dr Marzena Pedrini (PhD)

Senior Medical Scientific Officer, Demyelinating Diseases Research

Dr Marzena Fabis-Pedrini is a Senior Medical Scientific Officer in the area of Demyelinating Diseases Research at the Perron Institute, where multiple sclerosis is Dr Pedrini’s key focus.

Dr Pedrini is dedicated to investigating the causes of multiple sclerosis (MS) and improving the treatment and management of those suffering from MS and related diseases.

In January 2015, researchers led by Dr Pedrini and our Head of Demyelinating Diseases Research Clinical Professor Allan Kermode, in collaboration with Nobel Laureate, Professor Barry J Marshall AC (pictured), revealed that prior infection with the ‘stomach ulcer bug’ H. pylori is associated with a lower risk of developing MS. It was published in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry.