Dr Karl and Alan Harvey ‘How Reliable is your memory?’ – Disrupted Festival

Popular science communicator Dr Karl Kruszelnicki chats with neuroscientist Professor Alan Harvey at the Disrupted Festival of Ideas on the topic ‘How reliable is our memory?’ on Sunday 28 July.

Dr Karl’s lively one-on-one with Professor Harvey is scheduled for 3.15pm on Sunday 28 July in the State Library’s Discovery Lounge, Perth.

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki spreads the word about science and its benefits through his regular radio shows in Australia and the UK, television appearances, magazine articles and 43 (so far) published books.

Professor Harvey is an Emeritus Professor at The University of Western Australia and he chairs the Perron Institute’s Research Advisory Committee.

For more information see: https://disrupted.slwa.wa.gov.au/events2019/how-reliable-is-our-memory

There are various events across Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 July 2019. See their website for details.