Postdoctoral Research Associate Dr Jamie Beros and his colleagues have received a $40,000 Brain Foundation Grant.

Their project will use optogenetics, a research tool that provides an incredible ability to control neurons, to better understand and potentially improve recovery following traumatic brain injury.

Dr Beros is a member of the Brain Plasticity Research group at The University of Western Australia and Perron Institute led by Associate Professor Jennifer Rodger.

Co-Investigators are A/Professor Rodger, and PhD candidates Ms Emily King and Ms Rebecca Ong, who are also members of the Brain Plasticity Research group.

“Our project will use optogenetics, an exciting and innovative neuroscience technique used to control the activity of brain cells using light stimulation,” Dr Beros said.

“Our goal is to use this technique to change the activity of brain cells and promote the production of neuroprotective proteins after brain injury.

“We will measure the amount of neuroprotective proteins produced in response to this stimulation and whether this intervention can promote the survival of damaged brain cells and prevent the spread of injury to improve brain function and repair.

“I’m extremely honoured to be selected for a 2023 Brain Foundation Grant.

“This project could provide important insight into understanding how we can keep brain cells alive following injury to preserve brain function in the short and long term.