Dr Diego Milani selected to speak at Fresh Science

Dr Diego Milani of the Stroke Research group was selected from a variety of applicants to speak at the Fresh Science Perth event held at the Brisbane Hotel June 8.

The national contest aims to assist early-career researchers share their stories of discovery. Speakers were offered a day of media and communication training at the Maritime Museum, Fremantle, prior to their presentations. To expand sharing the knowledge around 240 school students were invited to a free, one-hour forum at the Maritime Museum to hear from our nine early-career scientists.

Presenters, with representatives from all of the Perth universities, were challenged with a novel approach; they had to present a project in the time it took to burn down a sparkler, and then answer questions from the audience.

Dr Milani presented his latest peptides research and piqued interest from the audience. Subjects ranged from the solar system to ticks, and from pollinators to the benefits of exercise done before prostate cancer surgery.

It was a full house and combined with the relaxed environment of the pub it created a great atmosphere, and our Vice Patron Prof Lyn Beazley AO was among those in attendance.

Pictured: Diego Milani, Fresh Science