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Closes 2 October 2023

Trial Aim

Taurus 2 is a phase 2 trial using low intensity Magnetic Brain Stimulation (MBS). This trial is measuring the effects of magnetic brain stimulation (MBS for short) on Multiple Sclerosis (MS) symptoms. MBS can non-invasively and painlessly activate nerve cells in the human brain and can be used to change nerve cell activity. MBS is currently used to treat depression but has only been used for MS in the research setting.

Trial Eligibility

  • Are age 18-65
  • Can walk unaided or with a stick
  • Can attend short daily appointments at The Perron Institute (Mon-Fri) for 4 weeks
  • Can complete 2 MRI and 3 clinical assessments
  • Do no have a history of seizures or serious brain injury
  • Have not received magnetic brain stimulation before

Professor Allan Kermode is the Principal Investigator for this trial.

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Principal Investigator: Professor Allan Kermode

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