Clinical Professor Neville Knuckey MBBS, FRACS

Head, Stroke Research

Clinical Professor Neville Knuckey is the head of Stroke Research at the Perron Institute.

Clinical Professor Knuckey completed medicine at the University of Western Australia, then trained in Neurosurgery in Western Australia. He completed Neurosurgical Fellowships at The Johns Hopkins and Brown University in the USA.

From 1986-1995 he was a Associate Professor in Neurosurgery at Brown University, his principle clinical interest was neurovascular surgery and laboratory research focused on mechanisms of neuroprotection.

He returned to Perth in 1995 as a Head of the Department of Neurosurgery, and received a Doctorate of Medicine in 2000 and became a Clinical Professor in 2003. Clinical Professor Knuckey is the director of the Cerebral Vascular Laboratory at the ANRI. His research studies are focussed on the mechanisms of neuroprotection, in particular the interaction of hypothermia and magnesium to enhance neuronal survival following stroke and various key proteins that may enhance neuronal survival following ischemia. His laboratory is focused translating these finding to improving patient outcome following stroke.

Clinical Professor Knuckey is also Director of Neurosurgical Services of Western Australia, Director of Neurosurgical Training, Senior Examiner in Neurosurgery for the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and a practicing neurosurgeon in the Western Australian neurosurgical Service.