Perron Institute Clinic creates opportunities for SCGH Neurology trainees

Recent staffing changes in the Neurology department at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital have enabled Advanced Trainees in Neurology to attend the subspecialty clinics at the Perron Institute.

Dr Elaine Pang and Dr Albert Kelly are participating in the training program which involves spending several weeks in the Perron Institute Clinic, working with a range of leading neurologists and other specialists.

The chance to gain this experience to complement their other Neurology training has been appreciated.

“As registrars, we always want to see more patients and have more exposure to Neurology,” Dr Pang said. “Attending the Perron Institute Clinic has given us that opportunity.”

“Everyone has been exceptionally friendly and Clinic Manager Sue Walters, particularly, has provided lots of time and effort to give me and Dr Kelly a well-rounded experience.

“Patient contact is the best part of any specialty. I enjoy finding the little clues in the history and teasing apart the nuances of the neurological examination that point me towards an answer.

“Learning how the lives both of patients and their families are affected is also important. There are so many psychosocial issues associated with neurological conditions and trying to find practical solutions can be really satisfying.

“In the long term, I hope to combine clinical work and research.”

Perron Institute Medical Director, Clinical Professor David Blacker is very pleased the trainees have been formally integrated into the clinic.

“Our aim is to ensure the clinic sessions enhance the training experience towards a career specialising in neurology,” Clinical Professor Blacker said.

“In future, this involvement in the Advanced Trainee Neurology Program will enable us to see more patients and help more people.”

Pictured: Dr Elaine Pang