2019-2029 Mission Lead

2019 Fitzgerald, Fatovich, Pestell, Bynevelt, Licari, Robinson, Xu, Neurotrauma Research Program. A validation study to predict poor outcomes following mild traumatic brain injury. $97,070

2019 Fitzgerald, Neurotrauma Research Program. Understanding and repairing myelin loss following neurotrauma. $97,112

2019 MHRIF 2018 Round 22 Awarded Funds $28,791

2019-2012 Fitzgerald, Herrup and Young, NHMRC

Mission for Traumatic Brain Injury: $50million

Currently Held Research Grants/Projects: total = $2m, all as CIA

Defining the unifying mechanisms of oxidative damage to oligodendrocyte DNA in neurotrauma, neurodegenerative and demyelinating disease. $1,245,000