Clinical Professor Soumya Ghosh is a neurologist with special interests in clinical neurophysiology and movement disorders.


Professor Frank Mastaglia graduated in medicine from the University of Western Australia in 1964.

Clinical Professor Neville Knuckey is the head of Stroke Research at the Perron Institute.

Clinical Professor Knuckey completed medicine at the University of Western Australia, then trained in Neurosurgery in Western Australia. He completed Neurosurgical Fellowships at The Johns Hopkins and Brown University in the USA.

Dr Milani’s project aims to assess a novel treatment involving peptides to reduce brain damage after cerebral ischaemia.

Professor Elaine Holmes is a Premier’s Fellow in Phenomics and Professor of Computational Science at Murdoch University.

Jennifer Eisenhauer is both a Registered Psychologist and a Research Assistant in Restorative Neurology Research at the Perron Institute.

Professor Aoun adopts a public health approach and a focus on under-served population groups such as people with Motor Neurone Disease (MND), Dementia, terminally ill people who live alone and family carers before and after bereavement.

Jenny Rodger brain plasticity researcher

Associate Professor Jennifer (Jenny) Rodger is the head of Brain Plasticity Research at the Perron Institute and the MSWA Senior Research Fellow in Brain Plasticity./blockquote>