Sir Ludwig Guttmann Lecturer International Spinal Cord Society Athens 2004

Centenary of Federation Medal Australia 2003

“Life-time Achievement Award” awarded at the Xth International Congress on Neuromuscular Diseases, World Federation of Neurology, Vancouver, Canada, 11 July 2002

“Honorary Professorship of the PLA General Hospital Postgraduate Medical College”presented by the Chinese Society of Neuromuscular Diseases at the 2nd Annual AOMC Conference, Beijing, 16-18 September 2002 and the 5th National Conference on Neuromuscular Diseases, Beijing, 16-17 September 2002

Gaetano Conte Prize 2000 and Gold Medal for “Clinical Research” awarded at the Fifth Congress of the Mediterranean Society of Myology, 1 October 2000

“E Graeme Robertson Memorial Lecturer”, Australian Association of Neurologists Annual Scientific Meeting, Hobart, 25-27 May 1999

“Donald Munro Memorial Lecturer”, American Paraplegia Society Annual Conference, Las Vegas, 7-10 September 1998

“Hans Selye Lecture and Visiting Professorship”, Department of Pathology, VA Medical Centre Long Beach and University of California,Irvine,14 September 1998

“Medicus Hippocraticus” prize awarded at the 1st International Medical Olympiad, 31st August 1996 in Kos, birthplace of Hippocrates

“ Castellorizian of the Year”, Castellorizian Association of Victoria, 1995