2017 Sampson, D., Pillow, J., Hool, L. Wyrwoll, C., Fitzgerald, M., Rodger, J., Hodgetts, S.I., Robinson, B., Yeoh, G., Ganss, R., Hamzah, j., Lee, G., Lansley, S., Endersby, R., Meloni, B. Increasing in-vivo physiological monitoring capability in UWA’s flagship preclinical 9.4 T MRI facility $49,694

2017 Hodgetts S.I., Harvey AR, Wallace, V. Red/near infra-red irradiation therapy for spinal cord repair using implanted devices. $96,730

2017 Grounds, M., Harvey AR, Hodgetts S.I., Krishnan, V.S. Benefits of exercise on age related changes in old spinal cords: implications for therapies to maintain and repair spinal cord function in elderly humans. $99,938

2017 Meloni, B., Knuckey, N.K., Hodgetts, S. I., Cross, J. Pre-clinical assessment of poly-arginine peptide R180 as a therapeutic to reduce central nervous system injury following neurotrauma. $99,650

Total $4,462,311 since 2001.

NHMRC, Equipment

Neurotrauma Research Program of Western Australia (NRP) Project

NRP, Project

NRP, Project