Clinical Professor Soumya Ghosh

C/Prof Soumya Ghosh received funding from MSWA in 2016 to conduct a pilot study of balance treatment and non-invasive brain stimulation for people with secondary progressive MS and primary progressive MS.

Neurotrauma Research Programme “Augmenting Stroke Rehabilitation with Non-invasive Brain Stimulation”. Ghosh S, Thickbroom G and Cooper I.

Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation “Understanding brain maturation in premature babies: the use of the standard video EEG to study electrical activity of the brain and neonatal seizures, and predict neurodevelopmental outcomes”. Nagarajan L, Ghosh S et al.

MS Research Australia incubator grant “Enhancing balance and gait in patients with Multiple Sclerosis – combined use of balance training (using smart balance master) with non-invasive brain Stimulation”. Ghosh S et al.