Associate Professor Michelle Byrnes

BSc Hons, PhD (Neurophysiology), PhD (Clinical Psychology) – Clinical Psychology Research Unit

Associate Professor Michelle Byrnes’ career as a neuroscientist began at the University of Western Australia (UWA).

A/Prof Byrnes completed a Bachelor of Science degree (triple major in Psychology, Physiology and Pharmacology) followed by a First Class Honours degree. Thereafter, she completed her first PhD within the UWA Department of Physiology in 1994.

After working a period as a postdoctoral neuroscientist at the Australian Neuromuscular Research Institute, now the Western Australian Neuroscience Research Institute, where she concurrently completed an additional undergraduate degree in Psychology, A/Prof Byrnes decided to follow her clinical and research passion and enrolled and completed in 2010 a Master of Psychology (Clinical Psychology) as well as a second PhD within the UWA Department of Psychology. Whilst enrolled in the Master of Psychology (Clinical)/PhD program at UWA, A/Prof Byrnes was able to continue her research, in part supported by the Neurotrauma Research Program.