Advances in genetics analysis theme for Parkinson’s WA talk

Genomics research in Parkinson’s disease was the topic of an interesting presentation by Professor Sulev Kõks preceding the AGM of Parkinson’s WA recently.

Professor Kõks is a Murdoch University neuroscientist based at the Perron Institute. He leads the institute’s research stream on genetic epidemiology and is developing genomics implementation in clinical studies for neurodegenerative diseases.

Professor Kõks said although there had been significant advances in understanding Parkinson’s there was still a great deal to discover.

“Today’s research relies heavily on the use of DNA analysis to explore hypotheses at a genetic and genomic level, he said. “The field of genetic analysis is rapidly advancing and scientists are optimistic that individualised treatments aimed at people with specific genetic mutations will produce improved responses and more effective therapies

“System-wide approaches such as whole-genome association studies have been very successful, and the hope is that discoveries through genetics may lead to more effective Parkinson’s therapies tailored to each person’s individual experience.”

Professor Kõks also spoke about a proposed collaborative study examining biological and psychosocial factors influencing quality of life for people living with degenerative neurological conditions such as motor neurone disease, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s.

Pictured: Professor Sulev Kõks, Parkinson’s WA seminar