Adjunct Professor Bruno Meloni PHd, BAPPSCI (Hons)

Head, Stroke Laboratory Research

Adjunct Professor Bruno Meloni is the head of Stroke Laboratory Research at the Perron Institute.A/Professor Meloni obtained his BAppSci at Curtin University (1984) and completed both his Honours (1987) and PhD (1993) degrees at Murdoch University.

In 1993, he was awarded a Commonwealth AIDS Research Council Grant (CARG) Postdoctoral Fellowship to continue research at Murdoch University.  Up until this stage of his career, A/Professor Meloni’s main research focus involved applying molecular techniques to genetically characterise medically important protozoan parasites.In 1996, A/Professor Meloni decided to pursue a new research field and saw the unique opportunities offered by the newly formed Stroke Research Group situated at the Perron Institute, headed by Clinical Professor Neville Knuckey, a neurosurgeon. A/Professor Meloni was responsible for setting up the Group’s laboratory at the Perron Institute where as Head of Laboratory Research, he has played a major role in overseeing the Group’s direction over the last 18 years.  The work of the laboratory has focused on identifying therapeutic targets that minimise ischaemic brain injury and the development of neuroprotective stroke treatments.