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2022 BSNRF Grants Awarded

The BSNRF funded grants from this highly-competitive, inaugural round have now been awarded, for neurological research to be undertaken across 2022-2023. The BSNRF Executive Committee would like to acknowledge the generosity of the Sarich family for their support in funding this important research.

The successful projects were:

Early Career Researchers
Li D,
Akkari A, Wilton S, Aung-Htut M, Mastaglia F
A Targeted therapy for early-onset Parkinson’s disease patients arising from PARK2 mutations using splice switching antisense oligonucleotides

McIntosh C, Aung-Htut M, Wilton S
DYRK1A Restoration for Childhood Intellectual Diseases: A Genetic Balancing Act

Trend S,Tjiam M, De Jong E, French M, Kermode A, Hart P
Temporal dynamics of B cell dysfunction in early multiple sclerosis

Mid Career Researchers
Hellewell S, Vos S, Buhagiar F
Neurofeedback as an Intervention for Persisting Post-Concussive Symptoms after Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Lam V, Mamo J, Kermode A
A novel therapy for remyelination: An opportunity to stop the progression of Multiple Sclerosis

Vallence A-M, Fujiyama H, Rodrigues J, Power B
Strengthening cortical connectivity in Parkinson’s disease to reduce tremor

Established Researchers
Rodger J, Moretti J, MacDougall G, Meloni B
Investigating rTMS modulation of mitochondria in healthy and injured cortical neurons

Additionally, a jointly-funded grant supported by the Department of Health, the Bryant Stokes Neurological Research Fund and the Perron Institute was awarded to:

Mid Career Researcher
Tang A, King E, Ong R
Deciphering the cellular mechanisms of non-invasive brain stimulation using human brain samples

Congratulations to the successful applicants and thank you to everyone who applied. De-identified reviewer feedback will be provided to the research applicants and we hope this will be helpful when submitting future applications.

Thank you also to our team of independent international and national neurological research experts, whose generous assistance in conducting the peer review process is invaluable.

Neurological Research Funding

The Bryant Stokes Neurological Research Fund (BSNRF) provides funding opportunities for scientific research projects aimed at improving the lives of people affected by neurological conditions whilst supporting our Western Australian researchers.

Supported by Sarich family philanthropy

The ongoing fund has been made possible by the generosity of the Sarich family and named in recognition of distinguished neurosurgeon Emeritus Professor Bryant Stokes AO for his contribution to the Perron Institute and advancement of neurosciences research. Read more about the Sarich family funding here.

Focused on Early and Mid-career Researchers

Although all researchers can apply, early and mid-career researchers are a particular focus of this fund. Through a merit-based selection process, overseen by the BSNRF Executive Committee, funds are quarantined for the different career stages: early-career and mid-career researchers, as well as a limited number of grants for established researchers.

Eligibility for funding

The BSNRF supports research projects that meet two objectives: advancing our knowledge of the pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders and progressing research along the translational pathway towards the point of delivering benefits to patients with neurological disease. To assess if your project is eligible, read the 2022 BSNRF Guidelines for Applicants

  • Applications must be made by a Western Australian administering institution that is a WA university or WA research institute with a registered Australian Business Number
  • Lead Investigator must be based in Western Australia but may involve collaboration with national and/or international researchers and/or clinicians.
  • Research must be carried out in Western Australia
  • Each grant budget must not exceed $100,000
  • All grant funds must go to research, none toward institutional infrastructure
  • Grants are for one-year duration only

How to apply for funding

Full applications will only be accepted from invited applicants. Final applications will be invited from shortlisted Expressions Of Interest.

Grant lifecycle

BSNRF Grant Lifecycle

For further information or any queries, please email Ann Convery, Executive Officer, BSNRF at