Dr Diego Milani, MD, PhD

PhD Graduate

Dr Diego Milani is a recent PhD graduate in the area of Stroke Research at the Perron Institute, through the University of Notre Dame.

Dr Milani’s project aims to assess a novel treatment involving peptides to reduce brain damage after cerebral ischaemia.

Prior to joining the Perron Institute, Dr Milani obtained a Degree in Medicine at the University of Perugia (Italy) in 2006, and after 6 years completed his specialist training in 2013, with a Specialisation in General Surgery, also at the University of Perugia..

Dr Milani has a variety of experience in Emergency Medicine, General Surgery and General Practice in a variety of hospitals and GP’s in Perugia and Terni, Italy.

Dr Milani has also lectured undergraduate students and written a number of scientific and peer reviewed publications during his medical training in Italy and his PhD at Notre Dame.

In 2014 Dr Milani embarked on his PhD and in the middle of 2016 became a Research Officer at the Perron Institute. In 2017 Dr Milani completed his PhD with an unconditional pass.